Back from the Arctic

12 April 2004 by Asgeir Solli

Ice Diving and King Crabs in Arctic Norway



Marianne, Roy, Karen, Doug, Clare, Charlie, Steve, Mark, Mike, David and Casper.

Thank you very much for a fantastic trip. It's been a pleasure to get to know you all, and I look forward to seeing you again in the future!

If there is anyone out there that doesn't understand why perfectly sane (?) people want to pack their gear and go diving in freezing cold Arctic water, ask one of the guys above. Unless my big nose is the reason, they all left Kirkenes with a huge smile on their faces, after nine days packed with new and exciting experiences.

Just imagine sleeping outdoor in -15°C without any sound of a car, airplane or other people passing by. In the morning you wake up in the middle of the forest to a warm cup of tea, before you help to feed the huskies. These dogs will drag your sleigh back to the kennel where the bus is waiting.

Two hours later you enter the crystal clear water and hover weightless under the thick ice, while your new friend holds the other end of the line attached to your waist. After a nice and hot sauna you have a peek at the Northern Lights before you enter bed after another day filled with new adventures.

I'm back in the UK after a demanding but very exciting week. It's almost bizarre to think back on my last diving holiday in the Red Sea, wearing nothing more than a thin wet suit. You might not believe me, but reef sharks, moray eels and coral reefs didn't cross my mind once during my stay in the Arctic.

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