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Great White and Seals in South Africa


NB. The itinerary might be subject to changes

DAY 1 (no diving)

We depart from London Heathrow ca. 21:00 for a night flight to Cape Town (approx. 11 hours).

DAY 2 (1 dive)

We arrive in Cape Town ca. 09:30 where we will be picked up by our hosts and transferred directly to the Two Oceans Aquarium. Here we aim to dive in the Predator Exhibit and get a face-to-face encounter with the Sandtiger Sharks (locally known as Raggies).

NB. We can not guarantee that diving in the tank will be open to the public during our visit.

After the Aquarium we will head for our base in Gansbaai (approx. 2 hours with minibus).

DAY 3 (cage diving)

We spend the day at sea looking for Great Whites. Cage diving is exciting, but sometimes you get an even better view from the boat - so don't forget to bring your camera.

In the evening we will have a lecture about the Great Whites from a shark expert.

DAY 4 (2 dives)

Depending on the weather conditions we will dive reefs, wrecks or the seals outside of Dyer Island.

DAY 5 (cage diving or 2 dives)

Depending on the shark action of the previous days, we will either go looking for the Great Whites or have another day of diving in the area around Gansbaai.

DAY 6 (2 dives)

We start the day with a couple of dives in the Gansbaai area, before we pack our things and head for Simonstown.

During the evening we will have another lecture about sharks.

DAY 7-8 (cage diving + 1 dive)

It's time for more shark action in False Bay, known for its leaping Great Whites.

Due to a limited number of participants on the shark boat in False Bay, the team will be divided in two groups. One group will be looking for sharks in False Bay, whilst the other group goes for a morning dive in the local area and then heads for an excursion to Cape Town (the activities will be weather dependant).

In the evening of day 8 we will go to Cape Town where we will stay overnight.

DAY 9 (no diving)

After breakfast we will do an excursion in Cape Town.

Our flight back to London Heathrow will be ca. 19:30

DAY 10 (no diving)

We arrive at London Heathrow ca. 07:00 in the morning - hopefully with a lot of shark stories to tell.

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Air temp: 14-20°C
Water temp: 14-18°C
Diving depth: 5-30 metres
Visibility: 5-20 metres

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