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Great White and Seals in South Africa


Non-divers and cage diving

Cage diving with the Great Whites does not require any prior diving experience or diving certificate. Non-diving participants are welcome to join the trip, and will get the same opportunity to experience the Great White sharks as the rest of the team.

Depending on the number of non-diving participants, we are able to arrange alternative activities on the days the rest of the group is diving. Please contact us regarding this and non-diving discounts.

Dive experience

Please bring a valid diving certificate to prove your qualification. Required diving experience is stated here ››

Accommodation / Room arrangements

We will be accommodated in private guesthouses on a sharing basis. You might need to share a room with someone of the opposite sex.


Most meals will be home-made and prepared by our own chef.

Weather conditions

Weather conditions are always subject to surprises, and are almost impossible to forecast a long time in advance. September is spring in South Africa and the temperatures around Cape are normally +14° to +20°C at this time of year, but might drop during the night. Make sure you bring appropriate clothing for all conditions.

The water temperature will typically be in the range +14°C to +18°C, but could drop to +8°C when influenced by the colder Benguela current. The visibility will normally be 5 to 10 metres, but can exceed 20 metres during upwelling of colder water from the deep.

Changes to the itinerary

The itinerary is the plan of expected activities for the holiday, but weather conditions and other unpredictable factors might force us to make changes at short notice. We will always do our best to keep you informed about changes that have to be made.

The number of dives mentioned in the itinerary is for guidance only. Unpredictable factors might force us to reduce the number of dives, and this is normally not subject to any reduction in the cost.

You are not entitled to any reduction in costs or repayments in case you decide to stand out from any dives or activities.

Limited number of participants

This trip is limited to 12 team members only. To be able to fulfil the itinerary we need a minimum of 10 participants.


You need to be 18 years old at the time of departure to participate in the trip. If you are under 18 at the time of booking, you will need written approval from your parents or guardian.


A valid Insurance Certificate that covers the requirements outlined in the Terms and Conditions (section 12), must be sent to XO holidays no later then 60 days prior to departure. XO holidays have the right to cancel the booking if this requirement is not met, and the deposit paid will not be refundable.

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2 Sep - 11 Sep


£2,150 (all-inclusive)

What is included?

Deposit £215

Trip specific Terms and Conditions


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Tips, hints and what to bring

Air temp: 14-20°C
Water temp: 14-18°C
Diving depth: 5-30 metres
Visibility: 5-20 metres

Required diving experience