Wreck and Nature diving in Norway


NB. The itinerary might be subject to minor changes

DAY 1 (no diving)

We depart from London Heathrow Sunday 18th September 12:55, and will arrive at Evenes airport outside of Narvik 18:50. A coach ride will bring us to Narvik and the liveaboard (approx 2 hours 15 minutes) where a supper will be waiting for us.

DAY 2 (2 dives)

Diving on the WW2 wrecks in Narvik.

DAY 3 (2 dives)

Diving on the WW2 wrecks in Narvik.

After the second dive we set off to the old fishing village Risvaer in Lofoten, where we are going to stay overnight.

DAY 4 (2 dives)

We start the day with a nature dive in Risvaer before we head for our final destination in Lofoten, the small village Kabelvaag.

In Kabelvaag we will overnight in small fishermen houses, eat traditional Norwegian food and experience the magnificent nature this area has to offer.

DAY 5 (no diving)

On this non-diving day we will explore the Lofoten nature and trek into the mountain range. The lunch will be served outdoors, whilst dinner will be at the restaurant located at Henningsvear Bryggehotell.

DAY 6-7 (4 dives)

Lofoten can offer nature diving, drift dives, and several interesting wrecks. Daytrips with MS Galten will take us to different dive sites.

In the evenings you can explore the local culture, visit the Lofoten Aquarium, or learn a few things about the Lofoten history at the local Museum.

DAY 8 (no diving)

Last day in Norway, with departure from the local airport 13:37.


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18 Sep - 25 Sep


£1,850 (all-inclusive)

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Air temp: 0-12°C
Water temp: 6-9°C
Diving depth: 10-30 metres
Visibility: 8-30 metres

Required diving experience


Portland Oceaneering

Destination Lofoten